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Downtown Atlanta is thriving. The past decade has been a very exciting time to live, work, and play in Downtown Atlanta. We have seen the success of the 1996 Olympic summer games; the beauty of Centennial Olympic Park; the energy of a growing residential population; the opening of the world’s largest aquarium, the flourishing of Georgia State University; and the anticipation of tall cranes towering over the skyline.

The Economic Development Department at Central Atlanta Progress is dedicated to helping you become a part of our thriving central business district. This section of the website is filled with information that we have complied to make it easier for you to invest, work, or live in Downtown Atlanta.

If you are ever in need of any assistance, please feel free to contact our office.

Downtown Market Report

Up-to-date and chock full of useful statistics about the city center, the Downtown Market Report is your go-to sources for information.

A Great Place for Business

Why work in Downtown? We will give you 5 advantages to working or moving your workplace to Downtown Atlanta.

Open a Business in Downtown

Whether you are opening a store, restaurant, or service location, we will show you how Downtown Atlanta is the perfect market for your small business.

Invest in Downtown

Downtown Atlanta is ripe for investment. We will give you the information you need to make a smart investment decision.

Downtown Living

Downtown Atlanta is attracting people from a host of different walks of life, different areas of the city, and different income levels. Downtown residents walk to work while others sit in traffic; they enjoy incredible views of skylines and parks while others view sprawling parking lots of discount malls.