Downtown Market Report

Up-to-date and chock full of useful statistics about the city center, the Downtown Market Report is your go-to sources for information for the following topics.

Residential - Revised December 2015
With 9,300 people per square mile, Downtown is Atlanta's densest urban sub-market.

Office and Employment - Revised December 2015
Downtown Atlanta is home to the largest inventory of office space of all urban markets.

Retail & Spending - Revised December 2015
Young people with higher incomes choose to live Downtown so they can walk to dinner, shops and attractions.

Investment & Incentives - Revised December 2015
Downtown has seen $2.9 billion in investments since 2007 plus and additional $182 million in public investments toward its infrastructure.

Conventions, Tourism & Hotels - Revised December 2015
Welcome to Downtown, where the conventions, sports scene, concerts, show and attractions are simply unmatched anywhere else in the city.

Higher Education - Revised December 2015
Downtown has the largest share of Atlanta's college students at 53 percent.

Healthcare - Revised December 2015
Downtown is Atlanta's medical hub, housing five hospitals and employing more than 8,800 healthcare professionals and 2,000 doctors.

Transportation & Access - Revised December 2015
Just nine miles from the world's busiest airport, Downtown is the place where Atlanta's roads and rail converge.

Vibrant Neighborhoods - Revised December 2015
Enjoying the cultured life has never been better than it is Downtown