Atlanta Streetcar

The Atlanta Streetcar is the result of a cooperative effort by the City of Atlanta, the business community and MARTA to bring to fruition critical infrastructure that will connect the metro area and the greater region. Visit for more information.

The long-term vision for the proposed streetcar includes a north-to-south route from the Brookhaven MARTA station to Fort McPherson and an east-to-west route connecting The King Center to the Centennial Olympic Park area west of Peachtree Street. The initial funding focused on the Downtown east-west route.  As they become available, additional federal funding opportunities will be pursued to further fund the streetcar’s expansion.  Key features of the streetcar include:

  • Potential for higher passenger loads
  • Draw new transit riders
  • Produces fewer emissions, impacting air quality and sustainability
  • Reduces dependence on cars in a significant live-and-work corridor
  • Appeals to visitors with its predictable fixed route
  • Potential to increase ridership on connecting transit network


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