Memorial Drive Atlanta is a new organization working to make Memorial Drive a safer, more efficient, and more inviting connection and destination for the communities of Southeast Atlanta. 

Memorial Drive connects many of the city’s most important historical and cultural institutions and neighborhoods. Decades of planning and investment, both public and private, have laid the foundation for what can become the most distinctive urban corridor in the City. Memorial Drive Atlanta aims to realize this potential through its work on the following areas: 

  • Movement: Making the Memorial Drive corridor an inviting public space that serves as a safer and more efficient connection for all people, including motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, transit users, and people with limited mobility.
  • Development: Promoting adaptive-reuse and new construction that offers a mix of housing, jobs, amenities, and gathering places for existing and future residents and visitors. 
  • Place: Promoting and supporting the history and culture that makes Memorial Drive and its communities unique in Atlanta and the world
  • Organization: Building an organization that will continue working for the Memorial Drive communities well into the future

Thanks for visiting. Please visit the About page to learn more about the background, mission, and goals of the organization. More resources and details are coming soon. Most importantly, visit the Contact page to stay informed and get involved as we move forward. 


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