About Downtown Green Source

Downtown Green Source is a program of Central Atlanta Progress and the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District that provides sustainability resources to Downtown employers and employees. In support of the goals established by the City of Atlanta, Downtown Green Source strives to provide the connections, resources and education necessary to enhance the environmental sustainability and economic vitality of Downtown. Downtown Green Source collaborates with private and public organizations within Downtown to promote and deliver measurable improvement in the following areas:

Building Energy Efficiency
Through its participation in the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge (Atlanta BBC), Downtown Green Source is working to decrease energy consumption in buildings by 20% by 2020. Downtown Green Source promotes participation in the BBC initiative through marketing and education efforts and provides outreach programs to educate building owners and connect them with the resources necessary to assess current performance and take action to meet the goals of the Atlanta BBC.  

Sustainable Transportation 
Expanding upon the work of the Downtown Transportation Management Authority (TMA), Downtown Green Source implements transportation demand management (TDM) strategies to reduce the overall miles traveled to Downtown in single-occupancy vehicles, resulting in improved air quality. Downtown Green Source provides education and recognizes top performers through regional and local commute incentive programs. In addition, through planning efforts, Downtown Green Source promotes the sustainable benefits of transit-oriented development, such as the Atlanta Streetcar project.

Waste Management
Downtown Green Source collaborates with building owners, waste contractors and the City of Atlanta to measure and increase the amount of waste diverted from landfills through a comprehensive waste management plan. The overall goal is to achieve a diversion rate consistent with the goals set forth by the City of Atlanta through outreach and incentives, where resources allow. Downtown Green Source serves as an educator and facilitator to property and business owners in regard to effective waste management programs and best practices. 

Local /Sustainable Food Sourcing 
Downtown Green Source encourages restaurants and businesses within the ADID to procure as many ingredients as possible from local organic sources and to bring local food sources nearby. This provides healthier meal options for the ADID community and yields a reduction in carbon emissions by diminishing the number of miles the food must travel from source to table. Through promotion and education efforts, Downtown Green Source utilizes marketing strategies to steer consumers toward businesses exhibiting best practices in local food sourcing. 

Water Conservation
Downtown Green Source serves as an educational resource to encourage property and business owners to reduce municipal potable water consumption and to encourage re-use of non-potable water where appropriate. Additionally, Downtown Green Source seeks funding to provide incentives and recognize top performers.

Carbon Emissions Reduction
Downtown Green Source strives to reduce total carbon emissions (MTCO2e) within the ADID boundary consistent with the goals set forth by the City of Atlanta. This will be achieved by reducing energy consumption and miles traveled within the ADID through the efforts described above including the promoting sustainable transportation and the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge.

Green Space
Downtown Green Source seeks funding to participate in comprehensive sustainable community planning initiatives and to encourage property owners and developers to provide or preserve green space and protect and restore the city’s tree canopy. By working with communities throughout the region, Downtown Green Source strives to implement local development plans that integrate sustainable housing, land use, economic and workforce development, transportation and infrastructure investments.

Sustainable Economic Development & Green Jobs
Downtown Green Source collaborates with the Metro Atlanta Chamber’s Sustainable Economic Growth Initiative to increase the number of green jobs in Atlanta through economic development and city branding.