Commuter Options


Using transit for part or all of your commute means you're reducing air pollution and traffic. It can also save you money. Local transit providers provide an economical way to let someone else do the driving for you!

Additionally, as a service to Downtown employers, through participation in the Downtown Green Source program, CAP/ADID provides discounted transit passes to Downtown employers. Take advantage of transit pass discounts and convenient delivery and order of monthly transit passes. One order, one phone call, one invoice for all transit passes! Employers can contact Lynn Lopes for program details and more information.


Carpool or vanpool once a month or every day. Either way, you will benefit. Ridesharing saves on gas and vehicle maintenance and reduces stress. If you are interested in carpooling or vanpooling Georgia Commute Options can help. You can receive a free ridematch today!

Bicycling and Walking

Through the Downtown Green Source program, CAP/ADID supports both bicycle and pedestrian commuters. Register for a Confident City Cycling Class and learn the skills necessary to ride safely and confidently. Courses are hosted in partnership with the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition and taught by nationally certified instructors using on-the-road training. Downtown Green Source program and Midtown Transportation Solutions have produced a walking and cycling map available for download. Please contact the  for your free printed copy.

Alternative Work Arrangements

Flex-time, compresses work weeks and teleworking create a way for employee and employers to maximize work time by flexing or even eliminating a daily commtue. Employers seeking to explore the possibilities of alternative work arrangements can receive free consultations as a Downtown Green Source participant. We can offer expert recommendations and service on these programs. Additionally, we can provide access to resources of a national consultant that is available for free to consult on telework and alternative work arrangements. For more information or to schedule an alternative transportation consultation, please contact Crystal Clark.


Carsharing is a sustainable option that can be complimentary for Atlantans who leave their car at home and commuter via alternative transportation. Zipcar provides a way for commuters who need to use a vehicle for just a short amount of time. Zipcar’s modern fleet of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles and fuel-efficient hybrids is permanently parked around town and at convenient spaces near homes and workplaces; Zipcar members just use car when they need it and pay only by the hour.