Alternative Work Arrangements

Flex-time allows individuals some flexibility in choosing the time, but not the number of their working hours. Flex-time reduces stress by avoiding peak traffic times, reduces traffic congestion and helps improve the region’s air quality by shorter commute times.

A compressed work week is a scheduling of work hours that has employees working longer hours each day, balanced by having employees working fewer days each week. Compressed work week also reduces peak period driving, reduces commuting time and costs, and improves our air quality be reducing the number of vehicles commuting to work.

Teleworking allows employees to work at home, or at a satellite work center near home. Teleworking reduces traffic congestion and can improve our air quality. Employers also benefit from offering alternative work arrangements at their worksite.

If your company does not have an alternative work arrangement in place but would like some more information CAP/ADID is happy to come in and meet with you. For more information or to schedule an alternative work arrangement consultation, please contact Crystal Clark at or 404-658-1877.

Alternative Transportation Consultations
Participation in the Downtown Green Source program can help improve your company's commute options programs. Employers seeking to explore the possibilities of alternative work arrangements can receive free consultations as a Downtown Green Source participant. We can offer expert recommendations and service on these programs. Additionally, we can provide access to resources of a national consultant that is available for free to consult on telework and alternative work arrangements.

For more information or to schedule an alternative transportation consultation, please contact Crystal Clark at or 404-658-1877.