Carpool once a month or every day. Either way, you will benefit. Carpooling saves on gas and car maintenance. It also reduces stress because you share the ride with a new friend.

If you are interested in carpooling but need someone to share the ride, Georgia Commute Options can help. You can receive a free ridematch today! Additionally, once you start your carpool you can earn paid gas cards just for logging your carpool commute online.


Vanpooling is a group of 7-15 people who live and work in the same general area, decide on a set workday, and take a designated van to and from work each day. Vanpoolers split costs in a vanpool and enjoy a relaxing, cost effective commute. Some riders volunteer to drive the van, and the others can read, sleep or simply relax!

Companies participating with the Downtown Green Source program receive information on incentives for vanpools whose destination is the Downtown area. There are several different options for vanpooling in the Downtown area. Please look at our list of available vanpools that you are welcome to join. Please contact the specified person on each list to get more information.

Find a carpool or vanpool partner through Georgia Commute Options today!