Incentives for Your Commute

Log Your Commute with Georgia Commute Options

Looking for a way to escape traffic and save some cash? Log your daily commute to be eligible for cash and prizes! Participation in Georgia Commute Options helps you keep track of the money and emissions you're saving each time you use a commute alternative. Georgia Commute Options logging incentives include:
$3 a day
$25 monthly prizes
$40 - $60 gas cards

Tax Benefits

There are many tax benefits available when you help your employees use commute alternatives. Georgia employers have saved millions in taxes. Taking advantage of these benefits through Georgia Commute Options is easy, and programs can be set up at any time.

Clean Air Champions

Every mile you're not driving alone helps keep a pound of pollution out of the air we breathe. But did you know you can get recognized for your long-term commitment to clean commuting? Clean Air Champions are part of a special program that celebrates the "green" accomplishments of commuters who have kept tens of thousands of pounds of pollution from going into our skies. Clean Air Commuter Champions are recognized for their milestone achievements at two different levels:
− 25,000 pounds of air pollution reduced
− 50,000 pounds of air pollution reduced
These commuters receive a certificate of achievement and a special commemorative gift.

Find out how you can become eligible for recognition as a Clean Air Champion!

Discount Transit Pass Program

Through its Downtown Green Source program, CAP/ADID offers discounted monthly transit passes for MARTA, Cobb Community Transit (CCT) and Gwinnett County Transit  commuters in the Downtown community. Join the Discounted Transit Pass Program and take advantage of the largest discount currently offered by MARTA to corporate partners.

Joining the Discount Transit Pass Program is simple. There is no minimum number of cards required* - simply order the number you need based on your demand and there is no long-term commitment required from you. All that is required is to inform employees of the program through an educational campaign and report the number of transit passes you wish to purchase via a monthly order process. MARTA Breeze passes are uploaded electronically once a month, and CCT and GCT passes are delivered to you at no cost via courier. Each month your company will receive an invoice for the number of sold cards. For more information contact Lynn Lopes.

* Non-CAP/ADID members will be subject to a 10 card minimum order.

Guaranteed Ride Home

Commuters who carpool, vanpool, bike or use transit and are unable to catch their normal ride home due to unexpected events (illness, unscheduled overtime, etc) can receive a free Guaranteed Ride Home from Georgia Commute Options. Click here for program registration and guidelines.