Log Your Commute with Commuter Rewards!

Looking for a way to escape traffic and save some cash? Log your daily commute with Commuter Rewards to be eligible for cash and prizes! In addition to cash and prizes, Commuter Rewards keeps track of the money you're saving and pollution you reduce each time you carpool, take transit or use another commute alternative. Depending on your mode of transportation, you are eligible for the following rewards:

Currently driving alone to work?
Cash for Commuters is for you! Start using a commute alternative and earn $3 per day, up to $100 over three months.
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Already using a commute alternative?
Commuter Prizes are your answer! Start tracking your efforts and earn the chance to win monthly Commuter Prizes and other incentives. The more you use a commute alternative, the greater your chances of winning.
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Currently Carpooling?
Carpool Rewards sweetens the deal. Carpools with three or more people can earn monthly gas cards for up to 12 consecutive months through Carpool Rewards. The more carpool partners you have, the bigger the reward.
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For more information on Commuter Rewards please contact Crystal Clark at cclark@atlantadowntown.com or 404-658-1877.