Downtown Parking Demand Management Action Plan

(February 20, 2007)
In response to requests by Downtown property owners and stakeholders, in February 2006 the Downtown Transportation Management Association (TMA), a program of CAP/ADID, initiated a planning process for the development of the Downtown Parking Demand Management Action Plan, and in late 2006 a nine-month planning process concluded.  In February 2007 the Action Plan final report was released.

Downtown Parking Demand Management Action Plan Final Report Documents (Released February 20, 2007): 

Executive Summary
Final Report
Appendix A:  Electronic and Intercept Survey Summaries
Appendix B:  Comparative City Parking System Information
Appendix C:  On-Street Parking Inventory
Appendix D:  Parking Survey Locations
Appendix E:  Bicycle Parking Locations
Appendix F:  Sample Development Regulations

The Parking Action Plan’s mission is two-fold, a) “to understand Downtown Atlanta’s parking needs” and b) to “identify strategies and projects that enable public and private stakeholders to maximize the available parking supply in order to enhance Downtown economic development and increase the attractiveness of all transportation modes.”  The Plan’s comprehensive inventory, which was completed in fall 2006, has resulted in a greater understanding of Downtown parking characteristics.  Key findings include:

  • There are approximately 95,000 parking spaces within Downtown, located in 109 parking structures and 325 surface lots.  Approximately 67,000 parking spaces are located in parking structures, 25,250 spaces in surface lots and an estimated 2,000 on-street spaces.
  • There are 171 bicycle racks with 950 bicycle parking spaces in Downtown.
  • Off-street parking is primarily privately operated and market forces between property owners and operators dictate conditions.
  • Parking rates are set by the market and vary with demand, especially during special events.
  • The combined occupancy rate for both off-street and metered/marked on-street parking is 66 percent.

In 2007 a major objective of ADID and the Downtown TMA is to work with other interested organizations to implement the recommendations of the Action Plan, which provide solutions to:

  • Reduce parking demand and improve the efficiency of the existing supply. 
  • Optimize the use and availability of the existing parking supply in meeting current and future needs. 
  • Decrease regular and special event parking-related traffic congestion and unnecessary travel and emissions.
  • Integrate parking management that supports greater use of transit, vanpools, carpools, flexible work schedules, and mobility and access improvements for bicyclists and pedestrians.
  • Support a balanced, linked and sustainable multimodal transportation system characterized by transit use and vibrant neighborhood businesses and residential areas.


The scope of work for the Action Plan was comprehensive.  Click here for a brief summary of the Downtown Parking Demand Management Action Plan’s scope of work.

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