Metered Street Parking

The City of Atlanta has more than 2,500 regulated on-street parking spaces within City limits, offered via parking meters and time-limited parking areas. The metered spaces are controlled by single space meters and parking pay stations. On-street metered parking spaces offer visitors short-term parking while they shop, dine and conduct business. Most regulated spaces are located in the core business districts and surrounding areas, and hours of enforcement and time limits vary by Zone.

Please visit PARKatlanta’s website for more details on metered parking regulations and to see a map of the enforcement zones for Atlanta’s Downtown Business District.

Parking Meters

The time limits, hourly rates, and enforcement hours for parking meters are posted directly on the meter according to the corresponding Zone. Time limits and hours of enforcement are also posted on nearby signs. Although rates are subject to change, most meters are $1.00 per hour.  Single-space meters accept quarters, dimes, and nickels.

Pay-by-Space Multi-Space Meters

New ‘Pay-by-Space’ multi-space meters have been installed along some streets throughout Downtown. One multi-space meter will handle payments for several spaces within a block.  Each parking space is numbered—and payment instructions are shown on each multi-space meter. The new meters accept coins, dollar bills, and credit card payments; the minimum amount for credit card users is $1. To report a malfunctioning parking meter (single or multi-space), call 1-888-266-1360. For information about a towed vehicle, call A-Tow at 404-577-6566. 

Benefits of On-Street Parking

The City of Atlanta’s operator for public on-street parking services is PARKatlanta. PARKatlanta is modernizing the City’s operations to improve convenience, access, fairness, and service. An effectively managed on-street parking system provides many benefits to City motorists, residents, businesses, and visitors.

More Benefits of Atlanta’s On-Street Parking Program:

  • Increases availability of on-street parking spaces
  • Decreases ‘cruising’ for parking spaces, decreases search time for parking spaces, decreases congestion, waste, and pollution
  • Increased efficiency and convenience for patrons
  • Attracts more customers to Downtown businesses, thereby increasing revenue
  • Maintains updated parking meter technology
  • Generates critical revenue for the City

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