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Upcoming Street Closures

When: February 28 - March 2 
What: Street closure due to filming (7 - 10 pm)
Where: Forsyth Street between Walton Street and Luckie Street

When: February 28 - March 2 
What: Street closure due to filming (7 - 10 pm)
Where: Poplar Street between Fairlie Street and Broad Street

When: March 1 - 2
What: Street closure due to filming
Where: Collins Street between Decatur Street and Dead End (near GSU Sports Arena) 

When: March 3 - 5
What: Street closure due to filming 
Where: Carnegie Way between Spring Street and Cone Street

When: Current - 3/14/2014
What: One center lane closed replacing bridge striping​ (9am - 3pm)
Where: SR 10 NB/SB from MP 1 (Freedom Pkwy) to MP 1.5 (Ralph McGill Blvd)

When: Current - 3/31/2014
What: Right Shoulder closed due to bridge painting ​(9 am - 3 pm) 
Where: I-75/I-85 SB from MP 247 (Decatur St) to MP 248 (MLK Jr)​

When: Current - 3/31/2014
What: one right lane closed due to bridge painting operations ​(9 pm - 5 am) 
Where: I-75/I-85 SB about MP 248 (MLK Jr)​

When: Current - April 2014
What: Demolition and reconstruction of the Edgewood Avenue bridge
Where: Edgewood Avenue between Randolph Street and KrogStreet

For more information visit the City of Atlanta's website.

Upcoming Events

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Atlanta Streetcar Construction Update

Streetcar Track Construction – Peachtree at Auburn / Luckie

Atlanta Streetcar track (guideway) construction is reaching its final stages.  Here are key updates & details about street & lane closures for your use:

The work described below reflects current construction activity in the Peachtree St. / Auburn Ave. / Luckie St. area at Woodruff Park in effect since week of February 10th.
Pedestrian access will be maintained to all adjacent properties during construction, with some detours that may be necessary.

Map Explanation (See the next page/reverse side for a larger map.)


Track construction at the intersection of Peachtree St. & Auburn Ave. / Luckie St. continues.

  1. Peachtree St. will remain open to northbound traffic only between Walton St. & John Wesley Dobbs Ave.
  2. Southbound traffic on Peachtree St. will be detoured onto Forsyth St.
  3. Access to Broad St. via southbound Peachtree St. remains closed, but Broad St. access will be maintained from the south via Marietta St., Walton St. & Poplar St.


  1. Auburn Ave. between Peachtree St. & Park Place (at Woodruff Park) remains closed.
  2. Park Place between Auburn Ave. & Edgewood Ave. remains closed.
  3. Park Place between John Wesley Dobbs Ave. & Auburn Ave. is temporarily converted to 2-way traffic, since the intersection of Park Place at Auburn Ave. is closed for track construction.  Access to the Candler Building Parking Garage is maintained from Park Place via John Wesley Dobbs Ave.


One eastbound travel lane remains open on Auburn Ave. between Equitable Place & Peachtree Center Ave. 

  1. Access to the 55 Park Place & GSU ‘T’ Deck parking garages is maintained via westbound Edgewood Ave., then northbound Equitable Place, & then eastbound Auburn Ave.


One westbound travel lane remains open on Edgewood Ave. between Peachtree Center Ave. & Hurt Plaza.


Luckie St. between Peachtree St. / Broad St. & Forsyth St. is closed, but may open up in the near future as work along the curb is completed for this block.


Auburn Ave. between Bell St. & Fort St. is closed, but may open up in the near future as work here is concluding.

Utility work remains active in some areas, and pole & foundation installations for the streetcar’s overhead power system, as well as traffic signal modifications continue.  Additional, intermittent lane closures can still be expected along the entire streetcar route for these activities.

For more information, visit or call 404-588-9800.

Construction by public and private utility companies and the Atlanta Streetcar construction contracting team continues along the Atlanta Streetcar route. Work is focused along the entire route and is permitted 24 hours a day, Monday through Saturday.  Numerous permits are approved, so additional construction work can be expected in the future, beyond those reported here.  We will do our best to communicate construction updates as more work commences along the route.

For construction updates and more information on the Atlanta Streetcar visit the website or call the Atlanta Streetcar Hotline at 404-588-9800. For more detailed construction and permitting updates visit the City of Atlanta's website.

**The Downtown Navigator reports street and lane closures based on observed activity and permits that have been approved by the City of Atlanta. Although permits are approved please note that work may or may not be active in the corridor in the areas identified on the City's website above.