I-85 Closure

On Thursday, March 30, a portion of I-85 near Piedmont Road collapsed. Information regarding road closures can be found on the GDOT Website, which can be accessed by clicking here.


While I-85 is being repaired, it may be helpful to consider alternative ways to commute to Downtown. Please see the links below for commute options and more information about the collapse.

Commuter Options

Downtown Atlanta is extremely accessible. With 12 MARTA stops, GCT, CCT, and GRTA stops, over 12 miles of bicycle infrastructure, and walkable streets, it is easy to get around Downtown sustainably. Click the link above to learn more about your various options for commuting to Downtown. 

Georgia Commute Options

Georgia Commute Options provides free services that help commuters and employers make the switch from driving alone as part of a regional strategy to reduce traffic and improve air quality. These services include providing cash rewards, gift cards, and gas cards to those who switch to a commute alternative. Click the link above to learn more.

Customized Route Planning

Let us help find an alternative route and options to get around the I-85 road closure or simply to ease your commute, whatever that may be. 

MARTA Parking Availability

CAP Employer Services

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MARTA Service Updates

I-85 Closure Updates

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