Downtown Zoning

Downtown Atlanta's Special Public Interest (SPI) Zoning District

All of Downtown Atlanta is guided by one consistent, expanded and revolutionized zoning code. The text and maps adopted by Atlanta City Council in September 2007 supersede all previous regulations for SPI-1, SPI-2 and SPI-13, as well as a handful of C-4 and C-5 properties that were re-zoned to SPI-1.

The following documents are provided for reference only.  For the most current version of SPI-1 zoning regulations view the City of Atlanta Code of Ordinances on-line or contact the City of Atlanta Office of Zoning and Development.

Central Atlanta Progress partnered with the City of Atlanta Office of Planning to update the SPI-1 Downtown District sign ordinance. The changes were adopted by Atlanta City Council on December 6, 2010.

Summary of SPI-1 Sign Code Changes
SPI-1 Sign Code Ordinance

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Central Atlanta Progress partnered with the City of Atlanta to review and update the zoning regulations that governed the physical growth and development of Downtown. The need to evaluate the Downtown zoning had been identified repeatedly through multiple comprehensive planning efforts that CAP and others had sponsored. To advance this effort, CAP engaged a group of stakeholders to work hand-in-hand with staff and a consultant team to draft a proposed zoning code, as well as supporting documents that became recommendations to the City of Atlanta regarding specific changes to the existing Downtown districts.

First drafts of the proposed updated SPI-1 Zoning Code and the Downtown Development Standards were originally released in late 2002. Meetings were then held with groups of stakeholders in which the recommendations were presented, questions were answered and participants provided great feedback. These questions, concerns, comments and suggestions were incorporated into the adopted zoning code. The Imagine Downtown plan also helped to further refine the original draft recommendations to ensure that the proposed zoning changes were consistent with the Imagine Downtown vision.

For a quick summary of the changes or more details about the differences between the new SPI-1 code and the previous SPI-1, SPI-2 and SPI-13 zoning codes review the following documents:

SPI-1 Fact Sheet
SPI-1 Summary Presentation


Martin Luther King, Jr. Landmark District Zoning

Martin Luther King, Jr. Landmark District Zoning