Historic Rehabilitation Incentives

Landmark Historic Property Tax Abatement

In this program the owner of an income-producing building listed on the National or Georgia Register of Historic Places and designated by the city as a Landmark building or contributing building in a Landmark District may obtain preferential property tax treatment. Call the Atlanta Urban Design Commission at 404-330-6200 or visit their website.

Rehabilitated Historic Property Tax Abatement

The owner of a building that qualifies for listing on the Georgia Register of Historic Places and has undergone a major rehabilitation may obtain preferential property tax treatment. Call the Historic Preservation Division of the Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources at 404-651-5566 or view information here

Federal Tax Credit Program

If a property is listed on the National Register, the owner or long-term lessee of an income-producing property is entitled to an investment tax credit of up to 20% of the qualified rehabilitation expenses of a substantial, qualified rehabilitation.Call the Georgia Department of Natural Resources at 404-651-5566 or view here.

Façade Easements

Tax advantages including federal and state income tax deductions can be taken for preservation easements, or preserving the façade of a historic structure. Call Easements Atlanta at 404-688-3353 or view here.

City/County Urban Enterprise Zone Tax Abatement Program

Ad valorem property tax exemptions covering a ten-year period can be obtained by owners of qualifying historic multi-family and non-residential structures located in urban enterprise zone eligible areas.  There is no minimum acreage requirement for proposed zones.  Tax abatements are also available for commercial, industrial, and mixed-use properties.  For housing urban enterprise zones, structures suitable for rehabilitation/renovation must provide a minimum of four multi-family housing units.  For further information, contact the Urban Enterprise Zone Administrator at the Atlanta Bureau of Planning, 55 Trinity Avenue SW, Suite 3350, Atlanta, Georgia 30335-0310 (404-330-6145).