Civic Center

Georgia Power Company Corporate Headquarters
333 Piedmont Avenue, NE
1976 - 1981: Heery and Heery, Architects; Mack Scogin, Design Coordinator; Merrill Elam, Senior Project Designer; GAAIA Award

Atlanta Civic Center
395 Piedmont Avenue, NE
1968: Robert and Company, Architects

Located on a twenty-three acre parcel in the Bedford-Pine Redevelopment Area, the Georgia Power Company Corporate Headquarters complex consolidates the operations of the company and symbolizes its commitment to energy conservation. The three-level sweeping brick-and-granite structure, for special use and twenty-four-hour-a-day functions, has on its roof a solar collector field. The highly visible twenty-four-story, which houses executive and general office space, features a curtain wall of insulated glass windows and reflective non-vision glass (the black color led to its being nicknamed "Darth Vador"); the angle of its stepped-back southern facade is precisely configured so that direct entry of the sun's rays is completely eliminated at the summer solstice. Across Ralph McGill Boulevard is the Atlanta Civic Center, whose striated ocher brick walls accented with white concrete balconies and colonnades houses the city's theatrical auditorium and exhibition space.