TIGER Discretionary Grants

What are the TIGER Discretionary Grants?

TIGER stands for Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery and is federal funding for local projects that will help jumpstart the economy. This capital stimulus money is earmarked specifically for surface transportation initiatives, like the Atlanta Streetcar, and is a unique opportunity to be awarded significant federal funds for the project.

What criteria are used to award TIGER funds?

The TIGER grants are awarded based on primary and secondary criteria. The primary criteria consist of a) long-term outcomes, such as livability and sustainability, and b) jJob creation and economic stimulus. Two secondary criteria are given less weight: innovation and partnership. Project-specific criteria may also be used to compare and prioritize multiple, similar projects that are rated similarly based upon the preceding criteria. The TIGER Discretionary Grant program is a unique opportunity because its project selection criteria are strongly aligned with the outcomes and objectives of the Atlanta Streetcar.

Click here for the TIGER II Funding Application for the Atlanta Streetcar.