Context for the Study

Central Atlanta Progress / Atlanta Downtown Improvement District, Inc. (CAP/ADID) have commissioned a series of research studies to understand the impact of a gaming attraction to the State of Georgia as well as local communities, with emphasis on urban cores.  The research studies focused on four key areas, including state-level impacts of casino gaming, social and economic impacts to local host communities, as well as impact on real estate development surrounding a casino. 

The key takeaways were summarized by CAP/ADID and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the authors of the research studies contained in the appendices of the full report. 


You can access our full report HERE.



Overview of Scope

  • What size is the potential market for gaming in Georgia and Metro Atlanta?
  • Would casinos attract new, out-of-state visitors?
  • What regulatory and legislative best practices should be enacted if gaming is allowed in Georgia?
  • What are the potential impacts of a casino – both social and economic - in local host communities, and what have other jurisdictions done to mitigate these potential risks?
  • Do casinos displace other forms of spending in the local market?
  • Does this displacement affect local public revenues?
  • What impact would casinos have on state lotteries?
  • How would a casino impact downtown real estate development?


Key Takeaways

  1. Casino gaming could generate an additional source of state revenue, but has its drawbacks.
  2. Casino revenue is primarily generated from locals, not tourists
  3. Substitution effects likely exist at multiple levels but are complex and difficult to fully predict
  4. Local communities will incur costs, so funding mechanisms must be in place to mitigate impacts
  5. Local communities must set and negotiate specific objectives before allowing casino development or they are unlikely to see a positive impact from gaming


Additional Contributors

  • Horwath HTL
  • HLT Advisory Inc.
  • Douglas M. Walker, Ph.D., Casinonomics Consulting, LLC
  • Bruce Seaman, Ph. D, Georgia State University
  • Bleakly Advisory Group
  • Key Advisors