What is the Downtown Daffodil Project and Celebration?

Central Atlanta Progress, in conjunction with Am Yisrael Chai!, produces the annual Downtown Daffodil Project in support of the worldwide Daffodil Project. The Daffodil Project aims to build a living Holocaust memorial by planting 1.5 million daffodils around the world in remembrance of the children who perished during the Holocaust and in support for children around the world who are currently experiencing human rights crises.

The Downtown Daffodil Project contributes to the worldwide effort by creating a “ribbon of consciousness” between the Center for Civil and Human Rights and the King Center. In an effort to kick start the Downtown vision, 20,000 daffodils were planted in 2014 in Woodruff Park, the city’s historic center. Since 2014, the project has grown each year, resulting in more than 275,000 daffodils that will bloom throughout Downtown Atlanta in spring 2019.

Each year, we celebrate the daffodils during the month of March with special events, tours, and offers from our partners. For more information on the project, check here.

Can I take public transportation to the race?

Yes! We strongly encourage runners and spectators to take public transit to get to the race. The starting and finishing point for the race is just 3 blocks from the Five Points MARTA Rail Station. Another good transit option is the Atlanta Streetcar – the Woodruff Park and Park Place stops are both in the park within sight of the starting line.

Where should I park for this event?

While we recommend taking public transportation, you can find a variety of parking options here.

Where will I pick up my race packet and shirt?

We're working on this - stay tuned!

What else should I do while I’m Downtown?

There’s so much to do in Downtown Atlanta! We encourage you to ride the Atlanta Streetcar to the restaurants on Edgewood Avenue, like Noni’s and Georgia Beer Garden, or stay nearby and visit some of the world class attractions and restaurants in the Centennial Park District, just a few minutes’ walk from the finish line.