Downtown Traffic Operations Program (DTOP)

The City of Atlanta and ADID, with funding from the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), have partnered to support the active management of traffic signal operations within Downtown Atlanta.  This active management exists in the form of the Downtown Traffic Operations Program (DTOP). 

DTOP involves such activities as the inventory of existing equipment, determining existing operational and equipment deficiencies, providing signal timing, supporting regular maintenance and upgrade of signal timing and hardware, and evaluating the use of advanced signal timing techniques. The program was initiated in spring 2014 and currently is approved for three years with two optional one-year extensions.

DTOP activities are conducted through a contract between ADID and a traffic signal engineering team led by Jacobs Engineering with Kimley-Horn, GCA, Inc., Atkins, Wilburn Engineering, and others.  During the first year of DTOP tasks work included:  collecting an inventory of existing equipment; determining existing operational and equipment deficiencies; establishing a routine maintenance program; modifying signal timings as needed, trouble-shooting the communications network; performing data collection; and performance monitoring.

Year 2 activities thus far have resulted in the development and introduction of new traffic signal timing plans for all 157 intersections in the program.  The team has also completed design documents for implementation of new fiber within three key Downtown corridors.

For additional information about the Downtown Traffic Operations Program (DTOP), please contact Angie Laurie at 404-522-5010 or alaurie at