Implementing the Vision

From Vision to Reality, Amazing Results!







The strength and validity of the Imagine Downtown vision is apparent in the remarkable number of achievements over the past five years that support the goals and recommendations of the plan. Resulting in infrastructure improvements, policy changes and significant development investment, the collaborative efforts of the entire community are visible throughout Downtown Atlanta. All levels of government, institutions and not-for-profits, large companies and small entrepreneurs and residents alike are to be applauded for the remarkable resurgence of the center city over the past five years.







Dense mixed-use development incorporating a variety of retail, office and residential uses

With over $3 billion of investment since 2004 and even more planned for the next few years, the Imagine Downtown plan is being built brick by brick. With close to 100 diverse projects representing virtually every land use, ranging from renovations of existing historic buildings to large-scale new construction, developments are transforming the livability and vitality of the center city. In total the activity represents 6,000 new residential units, 1 million square feet of commercial space, 3 million square feet of office space and 3,000 new hotel or student dormitory rooms among other community amenities. Downtown has benefited from strong market resurgence in urban living.  Additionally, key Downtown economic drivers including the strength of the hospitality industry, the growth of Georgia State University and the revitalization of Atlanta Housing Authority properties have fueled investment activity. The Downtown Development map summarizes these investments.







Investment in a multimodal transportation network that is accessible to all

Since 2004, over $38 million dollars has been committed - with more on the way - to roadway, bike, pedestrian and transit improvements.  From an entirely new roadway connection named for former mayor Ivan Allen Jr. and an integrated wayfinding sign system to new and expanded sidewalk amenities the range of projects have improved mobility throughout Downtown.  These enhancements coupled with the expanded activities of the Downtown Atlanta Transportation Management Association are making walking, biking and riding transit Downtown easier than ever.  Vital planning has also been completed that supports further investment in streetcar service and an integrated multimodal passenger terminal for Atlanta.

Foster a vibrant economic climate that supports new investment and business expansion

New incentives and updated policies have also brought the Imagine Downtown vision to life. Critical in this regard is the creation, success and sustained activity of the Westside and Eastside Tax Allocation Districts.  The investment and commitment of public support from the TADs coupled with a reformed City of Atlanta development permitting process and a new and expanded Special Public Interest zoning district for Downtown ensured a development and investment friendly community.