The Vision

At its core the Imagine Downtown 2.0 vision plan promotes the responsible growth and development of a vibrant and attractive Downtown Atlanta. Downtown will include more options for transit, pleasant sidewalks and enjoyable open space. New construction will be oriented towards dense mixed-use development incorporating a variety of retail, office and residential uses. Downtown will be a 24-hour community, a place where residents, business people and visitors can experience all that the Capital of the New South has to offer.

The plan envisions a Downtown Atlanta that is:

  • The center of a world-class city that welcomes diversity
  • A model of progressive growth for the region
  • Reflective of the rich cultural traditions of the South
  • The bridge between neighborhoods north, south, east and west
  • The location of choice for urban living in the metro area
  • Safe and barrier-free for working families and seniors

These six goals raise the bar and provide the rationale for a Downtown vision summarized by five powerful mandates:

  1. Downtown will lead the way in advancing sustainable mobility choices by connecting the city, the region and all of Georgia through a state-of-the-art, multimodal transportation hub.
  2. Downtown will celebrate its identity by elevating the status, appearance, and function of the Peachtree Corridor as Atlanta’s and the Southeast’s premier Main Street.
  3. Downtown will expand urban living options by supporting and encouraging the creation of diverse, affordable, and sustainable neighborhoods and workforce housing throughout its extents.
  4. Downtown will be a cultural and entertainment destination rooted in Centennial Olympic Park and colored by the vitality contained in the Auburn, Edgewood, Luckie and Marietta corridors.
  5. Downtown will approach its physical form with honesty and openness to unconventional beauty, and will seek to overcome design obstacles like the Interstate with creative solutions that build on intrinsic uniqueness and authenticity.

A number of maps, drawings, documents and videos have been developed to communicate the Imagine Downtown vision. Use the links below to download these documents:

Summary Brochure

Illustrative Plan

Future Development Framework Plan

Transportation Network Plan

Parks and Open Space Framework

Neighborhood Districts