Initiatives and Plans Archives

Take a look at the programs and initiatives CAP and ADID have pursued in the past.

The Auburn Action Plan (The Auburn Area Main Street Project, 1989)

Central Area Action Plan (CA2P, 2000)

Central Area Study (CAS II, 1988)

Central Area Study I (CAS/1, 1971)

Central Atlanta Transportation Study (CATS, 1999)

City Center Partners Livable Centers Initiative (LCI)

CNU 18+ (2010)

Fairlie-Poplar Design Guidelines (1995)

Government Walk (1980s)

The Green Line (2008)
     Multi-Modal Passenger Terminal
     Implementation (2009)
     Economic Impact Analysis (2012)

Heart of Atlanta (1980s)
Heart of Atlanta Historic Structures Survey

Imagine Downtown 2.0 (2009)

JSA-McGill Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Plan (2003)
     Executive Summary
     1.0 Inventory and Assessment
     2.0 Development Plan
     3.0 Action Plan