Ivan Allen Jr. Boulevard at Williams Street - Intersection Improvements

The Williams Street and Spring Street Interchange with I-75/85, and its intersection with Ivan Allen Jr. Boulevard, are key facilities within the Centennial Hill neighborhood of Downtown. In recent years, underutilized and vacant land in Centennial Hill has been transformed into an emerging development “hot spot,” consisting of world-class attractions, such as the new Georgia Aquarium and World of Coca-Cola, and mixed-use office space, including Allen Plaza. Ivan Allen, Jr. Boulevard, the new east-west arterial facility completed in 2005 (Phase 1), has been a catalyst for much of this progress.

Frequently the existing Ivan Allen Jr. Boulevard corridor, as well as the Ivan Allen Jr. Boulevard at Williams Street intersection, experience congestion and lack operational efficiency. To address these deficiencies, recent analyses have been conducted to identify improvements for this important intersection and access point to and from Downtown.
CAP/ADID, the City of Atlanta, the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA), and the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) staff are currently coordinating for the implementation of the intersection improvements outlined below (denoted “Strategy D”). It is anticipated that implementation can occur in early 2009.

Proposed Improvements for the Ivan Allen Jr. Boulevard at Williams Street Intersection:

  • ‘Split-phase’ traffic signal operation for Ivan Allen Jr. Boulevard;
  • One dedicated left-turn lane and one shared left-through-right-turn lane on the eastbound (west) approach of Ivan Allen Jr. Boulevard;
  • A dedicated right-turn lane, a through lane and a dedicated left-turn lane on the westbound (east) approach of Ivan Allen Jr. Boulevard;
  • Maintained permission of southbound left-turns from the I-75/85 exit ramps to eastbound Ivan Allen Jr. Boulevard; and
  • Overhead trailblazing and lane-assignment signage.

For more information about the recommended improvements for the Williams Street at Ivan Allen Jr. Boulevard intersection and Centennial Hill vicinity, please contact Angie Laurie at (404) 522-5010 or alaurie at