Traffic Signal System Upgrades & Retiming Project - 65 Intersections

The Traffic Signal System Upgrades & Retiming Project addresses an overall approach to traffic signal improvements within Downtown Atlanta, including equipment modernization and signal operation needs. A 16-intersection ‘demonstration project’ concludes in July 2010. Downtown-wide improvements will replicate the work of the demonstration project within key Downtown corridors, improving up to 65 additional intersections.

Project Goals:

  • Improve traffic signal system operations and mitigate traffic congestion
  • Modernize traffic signal equipment and address deficiencies
  • Ensure consistent communication among intersections
  • Provide for a fully -functioning network
  • Improve capacities for maintaining Downtown signal operations

Project Components:

  • Replacement of traffic signal controller units and cabinets
  • Replacement of outdated incandescent signal heads with new Light Emitting Diode (LED) heads and pedestrian count-down signal heads
  • Wireless communication upgrades and system integration
  • Development of new timing and optimization plans for better traffic movement
  • Assessment of the benefits of the improvements with measurement of vehicle emissions, travel time savings and fuel consumption


For more detail, look at our Downtown Signalization Upgrades Map.