Residential Profile

The Downtown residential market is growing everyday. Downtown Atlanta offers many housing options with apartments, lofts and condominiums located throughout Downtown in both new and renovated buildings.

Influx of new housing and better quality of life

  • As of December 2015, there are 25,376 residents in a four square mile area making up Downtown.  The proximity to a variety of employment choices, unique housing features, and energy of an urban environment, along with the diverse population and lifestyles, has brought this market to life.
  • Downtown residential investment is also heating up the development of the surrounding areas. Streetscapes, parks and green spaces are expanding, offering pleasant surroundings. The city has committed to bringing housing Downtown with a number of tax credits and other incentives.
Downtown Residential Market - Facts & Figures

Existing Housing

For Sale Units 4,912
Rental Units 9,324
University / Student Housing (beds) 7,368
Upcoming Housing  
Under Construction Units 1,270
  The Byron 65
  Fulton Supply Lofts 74
  Grant Park Apartments 325
  The George 130
  The Parker 238
  Post Centennial  438
Planned Units 4,809
  For Rent 4,158
  Student 651

Total Downtown Housing Units
(Existing, Under Construction, & Planned)

Total For Sale Units 4,912
Total Rental Units 14,752
Total Student Housing Units (Beds) 8,019

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Information compiled by staff research and based on information available October 2016