Central Atlanta Progress Member Councils

Central Atlanta Progress Councils are a signature benefit of being a Member of our organization. These councils are designed to support CAP's growth and development and to advise staff and other Members on complex or specialized matters as well as general programmatic goals and direction.

If you are interested in one of the councils below, please contact Emily Yerke at (404) 658-5905.

Marketing & PR Council

Develops marketing strategies for promoting Downtown as well as CAP/ADID initiatives. Formulates and directs communication activities, emphasizing brand, strategic alliances, marketing and advertising strategies, internal and external communications programs and news media relations. These Members also assist in the planning of CAP’s Annual Meeting and other special events. Meets bi-monthly.

Infrastructure Council

Focuses on pursuing both public policies and financial resources that will build the sustainable infrastructure Downtown Atlanta needs for its future economic prosperity. Through the Council, participants stay highly informed about City of Atlanta infrastructure matters and help develop public policy advocacy goals for Downtown and regional transportation solutions. Meets quarterly.

Economic Development Council

Committee focuses on the essential elements for developing and sustaining business growth through job creation, technical assistance and capital investment to attract new businesses and retain and expand existing businesses in Downtown Atlanta. Meets quarterly.

Downtown Marketing Roundtable

Brings together marketing professionals with a vested interest in Downtown Atlanta. These meetings provide an informal platform to launch ideas and announce new and ongoing ventures. Regular attendance is between 30 to 40 persons. The location changes monthly, enabling participants to experience a wide range of Downtown’s assets. The meeting’s host often concludes the meeting with a VIP tour of the facility. Participation is ideal for someone on your company’s marketing staff looking to connect with Downtown businesses and happenings. Meets monthly.

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