Central Atlanta Progress (CAP) is proud to announce a new way to get involved and help build a 21st Century Downtown in Atlanta. The new Downtown Partners program allows small companies and organizations to join hundreds of active stakeholders who are supporting the betterment of the Downtown Atlanta community. As a Downtown Partner, you will receive great networking, exposure, and information benefits that will help your business and Downtown thrive.

Who are the Downtown Partners and why should I be one?

The Downtown Partners are active stakeholders of Atlanta’s urban core who make modest investments ($250-$500) to ensure that Downtown continues to thrive through the work of Central Atlanta Progress. In turn, Downtown Partners receive benefits that help them become more visible and active participants in the community in which they do business or live. Partners can be small businesses, neighborhood and homeowner organizations and even individuals who  have a vested interest in making Downtown Atlanta ideal for living, work, studying, or having fun. If you want to help make Downtown a world-class city center while networking and increasing your presence in the community, then being a Downtown Partner is for you.

What are the perks of being a Downtown Partner?

Downtown Partners receive benefits that include exposure through a robust interactive and print media program, an official logo window-cling for your business, special event invitations and insider newsletters, and networking opportunities both virtual and through exclusive events. A full list of Downtown Partner benefits can be found here. Each term of Downtown Partnership runs from June 1st through May 31st of the following year.   

How can I learn more or join?

To discuss getting involved, contact our office at (404)658-5905 and request to speak to Emily Yerke about the Downtown Partners program. To activate your Downtown Partnership now, simply fill out this pledge form including the Tier of Partnership you wish to join at and email to or fax to (404)658-1919.

Who is Central Atlanta Progress?

Central Atlanta Progress (CAP) is a 72 year old stakeholder-driven organization devoted to making Downtown vibrant, safe, prosperous, and sustainable.  The organization manages the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District (ADID) which includes the Downtown Ambassador Force and Clean Team. CAP also spearheads a wide range of programs and planning that keep our community growing, safe, more attractive, and friendlier to residents and visitors alike. Many of the Downtown’s signature achievements like the Atlanta Streetcar, streetscape improvements, and attractions like the Georgia Aquarium and College Football Hall of Fame have been advanced through the work of CAP. Central Atlanta Progress has traditionally been heavily supported by CAP Members, which are typically larger businesses contributing $1,250 or more each year to the organization.


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