Building Efficiency Ordinance 

On April 20, 2015 Atlanta City Council passed an ordinance that will require properties over 25,000 square feet to undertake the following energy efficiency initiatives:

Benchmarking Energy and Water Use

  • By July 20, properties over 50,000 square feet must benchmark their energy and water use for 2014 and submit a report to the city. This can be done using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®. This will need to be completed annually by June 1. Properties over 25,000 square feet will need to submit their first report in 2017.
  • Until data aggregation is available, property owners without access to a master meter will be excepted.

Benchmarking Disclosure

  • The city will make non-financial benchmarking data publicly available beginning Sept. 1, 2016. Properties performing below the national median (ENERGY STAR score <50) will not have their score published.

Energy and Water Audit

  • Every 10 years, a covered property must undergo an energy and water audit. The year will be determined by a randomly generated property ID number, which can be obtained by calling 311. A summary audit report must be filed with the city.
  • The audit must meet an ASHRAE Level II standard, though Georgia Power’s free audits will also qualify.
  • Audits can be performed by someone on staff with at least two years of audit experience and/or experience in the operations of that specific building.
  • Exceptions are granted if:
    • The property received an ENERGY STAR certification for two of the three years preceding the audit report due date.
    • The property received a LEED certification for two of the three years preceding the audit report due date.
    • The property has improved its ENERGY STAR score by 15 points or more in the five years preceding the audit report due date.
    • If a property has undergone a qualifying audit since 2010, it may satisfy the first required audit.

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