Local/Sustainable Food Sourcing 

Aeroponic Tower Garden 

The Central Atlanta Progress office boasts its own aeroponic tower garden. The tower is a sustainable and simple way to grow food with 90 percent less water, 90 percent less land, no harmful chemicals or pesticides and no soil.  Because the food is grown on site, there is no carbon footprint. Anything can be grown on the tower except root vegetables and tree fruit.  Indoors with fluorescent lights, you can grow herbs and leafy vegetables.  Outdoors you can grow fruiting vegetables that are seasonal; and in a green house, you can grow all year long. Because these towers are mobile and not affixed the land or property, there are very few permits needed to have an aeroponic tower garden.  On rooftops, you need to have the weight load checked.  In schools, they can be rolled from classroom to classroom as part of the curriculum. If you are interested in having your own aeroponic tower garden, contact Dina Klempf of Urban Gardens,