2015-Sneaker Week

In June 2015, Sneaker Week incorporated both a scavenger hunt in Downtown Atlanta and a collection of used tennis shoes for re-use and recycling. Click here for more info.

2014- Clean Out Your Office Recycling Drive

In honor of America Recycles Day, Downtown Green Source organized a "clean out your office" recycling drive at participating Downtown office buildings. The drive recycled used office binders and books and shredded paper on-site. Click here for more information. 

Recycling Infographic​

Ever wondered what happens after your recycling hits the bin? Check out Downtown Green Source's recycling infographic to learn more!

Recycling at Work

Recycling at Work is a voluntary national effort to increase recycling in the workplace by 10 percent. Central Atlanta Progress is a participant in the effort and actively encourages Downtown businesses to take the pledge to increase workplace recycling. Recycling at Work offers you a 10-step action plan, discounts on recycling bins and other valuable tools to start and expand your workplace recycling program. Reduce your environmental impact.

Zero Waste Zone

Zero Waste Zone, an initiative of the Georgia Restaurant Association, aims to teach business owners how to minimize waste, streamline their savings, and promote their conservation efforts to other businesses and their customers. By creating partnerships within dense restaurant areas, zero waste zones can help to control recycling costs. Central Atlanta Progress is a partner in the development of the Downtown Zero Waste Zone. Through the partnership, Downtown Dining Partners  are entitled to reduced Zero Waste Zone fees. The Georgia World Congress Center and Max Lager's are already signed on to participate in the Downtown Zero Waste Zone.

Environmental Protection Agency Food Recovery Challenge

Central Atlanta Progress endorses the Food Recovery Challenge, which asks participants to reduce as much of their food waste as possible - saving money, helping communities, and protecting the environment. Participants agree to reduce, donate, and/or compost wasted food, and to set annual waste diversion goals. Any organization that can measure and report wasted food can join as a participant.