Downtown Ambassadors

The Ambassador Force is 67 men and women strong, and we’re here to assist everyone visiting, living, working or studying in Downtown Atlanta. If you’re a conventioneer or tourist, a resident or visitor, a student or a Downtown employee… whatever brings you Downtown… we strive to make your experience a pleasant, hassle-free one.

We’re easy to spot: We’re the folks dressed in red, white and blue who are patrolling the sidewalks — either on foot, on bicycles or zipping around on Segways. We cover a 220-block area from North Avenue south to Memorial Drive, and from the Georgia World Congress Center east to the Downtown Connector.

If you don’t spot us patrolling the streets of Downtown, you can find one of us at the Ambassador Information Booth at the intersection of Andrew Young International Boulevard and Peachtree Street or visit our office located in the Olympia Building located at 25 Peachtree Street, Suite 13.
You can also call us 404-215-9600.