APD Safety Data from First 6-months in 2016

August 2,2016

The Safety data for Downtown continues to reflect a very safe place to live, work and play, with a record breaking 16% reduction in crime from the same period last year, the lowest in the last 8 years.  Zone 5 also experienced a significant reduction in crime statistics during this period, with a 12% reduction.  Crime has been reduced Downtown by over 50% from years past.  As has been the trend in the past, there is very little violent crime or stranger-on-stranger crime in Downtown.  Our biggest challenge continues to be Larceny related, comprising 71% of Downtown’s crime, 38% is from Larceny from Auto.  Of that number, 80% of the victims are believed to be from out of town here for events, and do not practice good crime prevention habits such as our Clean Car campaign (put items out of sight).  However, this offense is also down almost 50% from over the last 8 years, and 12% from this period last year.  While Downtown represents almost half of the City’s population, it accounts for only 6% of the City’s Part 1 crime. 

Assistant Chief Shawn Jones, Deputy Chief Erika Shields, Field Operations Division, and Major Scott Kreher, Zone 5 Commander briefed on activities and programs that the Atlanta Police have ongoing to mitigate crime, and address any challenges or threats the City could face.  The City was very successful in minimizing the impact of the recent national demonstrations that impacted most major urban cities.  Crime is down city-wide by 5% from the same period last year.  Major Kreher expressed thanks to his subordinate leadership and recognized them in the audience for the outstanding job they have been doing to keep Downtown safe and appealing to our residents, workers and visitors alike.  Major Kreher is focusing on putting more officers on Segways and Bikes Downtown, and recognized the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District for donating 5 Segways to be deployed primarily in the Centennial Olympic District.  Midtown Improvement District also donated 5 Segways to be used in Midtown.  Major Kreher is using all available resources in countering crime, pointing out the use of the Skywatch, the Video Integration Center, and Zone 5 surveillance cameras.

Zone 5’s challenges continue to be countering repeat offenders for Larceny from Auto and Panhandling, and educating visitors (Conventions and Special Events attendees) on the Clean Car Campaign practices.  Zone 5 is aggressively making arrests, often the same people over and over, comprising currently 27% of the City’s arrests for this period.  Zone 5 actively works through partnerships and all resources available to practice proactive policing.