Atlanta is a reurbanization mecca

March 16,2018

Source: Randy Southerland, Atlanta Business Chronicle

A new era of urban redevelopment has taken off. Long-neglected industrial sites and rundown neighborhoods are getting a second look as well-heeled developers have embarked on a flurry of reurbanization projects.

Atlanta is at the epicenter of this reurbanization revolution with billions pouring into the city to redevelop and repurpose a host of sites. From the rail yards of the Gulch to the Civic Center to poverty-stricken neighborhoods on the Westside, new development is taking shape.

A panel was set to discuss reurbanization at Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Defining Atlanta event on March 15.

“It’s a very distinctive demographic trend of people moving back into city centers and we see this not only in big cities where it really makes sense, but we’re seeing it in smaller towns as well,” said Steve Howe, chief operating officer, WRS Inc.

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