Atlanta May Take Back Some of Peachtree Street From Cars

November 26,2020

Associated Press

Cars could soon have to share a portion of Atlanta’s most iconic thoroughfare with walkers and bicyclists.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports the city is has plans to reimagine part of Peachtree Street as a shared space.

That might involve eliminating the curb, installing special pavement, reducing car lanes or adding outdoor restaurant seating along the road. Officials and residents hope the project could bring more life to a part of town that can be sleepy at times, while pushing back on Atlanta’s notoriously car-centric nature.

“We want to make the street one that is inviting and, by the design of the street itself, it enables more of a vibrant street life,” said Tim Keane, the commissioner of Atlanta’s Department of City Planning. Right now, he said, Peachtree “for the most part ... is not a lively, urban place.”

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