Atlanta Parking Moratorium Ends

June 10,2010

The City of Atlanta imposed a recent moratorium on parking enforcement in response to concerns of both the residential and business communities. The moratorium began Wednesday, May 12, 2010 and ends on June 10, 2010. During this time period the PARKatlanta On-Street Parking Management Program has not issued citations for expired meters, overtime parking, illegal parking activities, or performed booting and/or towing.

This moratorium has allowed the City time to:
- Assess the policies and practices of parking enforcement and administration
- Review customer service training and ongoing public education and involvement
- Explore strategies to reduce the number of citizen complaints
- Review all parking signage

“The Department of Public Works along with the Office of the Mayor, Atlanta City Council, and PARKatlanta has conducted a focused public input process to address concerns raised by the community with regard to parking enforcement. We heard the voice of the community and look forward to enhancing the City’s parking management program” said Michael Bond, Sub-Committee Chair.

“We certainly appreciate the community input involved in this process to improve our customer service levels. As a result of your efforts several short term recommendations have been implemented such as administrative changes involving web site updates, all signage changes, and or recommendations are complete, and we have begun distributing general information public service announcements.” said Michael Cheyne, Interim Public Works Commissioner.

In accordance with the recommendations of the Atlanta City Council Transportation Sub-Committee for Parking Enforcement, the Department of Public Works will be working to enhance the service levels for the PARKatlanta On-street Parking Management Program.

“In light of the current status of the program, PARKatlanta will operate in a matter that helps to further educate the public about our efforts to maintain an effective public parking program for the City,” said Anderson Moore, Regional Vice President Duncan Solutions/PARKatlanta.

PARKatlanta will resume enforcement as follows: 

- Over the next four days, through Tuesday June 15th, warning tickets will issued (see attached sample below “End of Moratorium Notice”)
- Citywide enforcement of metered areas will occur 7:00 am – 7:00 pm Monday through Friday, and 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM on Saturdays. No enforcement will occur on Sundays. These hours will be effective Wednesday, June 16th – Friday July 16th.
- Enforcement hours will be subject to change as we continue to evaluate the overall program.
- Booting and towing will resume. A vehicle may be subject to booting or towing if illegally parked (i.e. tow zone, handicap zone, fire hydrant) or if there are 3 or more delinquent parking citations outstanding.

For more information about the City of Atlanta’s parking enforcement program, please visit: or call (404) 330-6739.