Atlanta ranks 5th in CBRE's inaugural Green Building Adoption Index

September 3,2014

In a recent study which benchmarks how the 30 largest commercial office markets in the U.S. rank for adoption of "green" buildings, Atlanta ranks 5th!

The study compared commercial real estate markets by the number of "Green Buildings" i.e. ENERGY STAR (ES) or LEED (EBOM, CS, NC) certifications only. It excludes single-tenant owner occupies, government owned and occupied bldgs. and medical buildings.

1.         Atlanta ranks 5th of 30 in % sq. ft. of green buildings

2.         The top five cities have more than 50% total sq. ft. certified green

3.         Atlanta (26.6%) ranks 2nd  in % of buildings certified, Minneapolis (29.7%) is 1st

4.         It’s noted that Atlanta’s performance can be contributed to tenant demand driven by the Atlanta-based Fortune 500 firms with global sustainability initiatives.

5.         It also references Atlanta’s ranking in the top 3 of the most certified ES buildings by EPA 2014

Access the full ranking list here

For more information about Atlanta's sustainability efforts, visit the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge homepage.