Casino Companies Seek Foothold in Georgia, the U.S.’s Last Big Untapped Gambling Market

February 23,2017

Source: Chris Kirkham, The Wall Street Journal


"The world’s largest casino corporations have set their sights on Georgia this year, hoping state legislators will consider opening up one of the nation’s last untapped regional markets to full-service gambling.

Even though Georgia’s constitution bans casinos and the effort faces stiff resistance from Evangelical Christian groups in the Deep South, seven corporations including MGM Resorts InternationalWynn Resorts Ltd. and Las Vegas Sands Corp. have hired more than 50 lobbyists to press their case in the state.

A state senate committee is scheduled to vote on legislation Thursday afternoon that would open the door to two casino licenses in the state. Even if the full legislature eventually approves the idea, a majority of voters would have to approve a constitutional amendment on the ballot next year."

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