Creative Loafing Lists Sweet Auburn Curb Market in "Best Of" Issue

September 24,2012

Food Truck Fridays may have moved on but Sweet Auburn Curb Market remains a thriving center for local entrepreneurs looking for a welcoming spot to incubate or expand their businesses. From the now-established Bell Street Burritos, Grindhouse Killer Burgers, and Sweet Auburn BBQ to newbies Arepa Mia, High Road Craft Ice Cream, and YumDiggity (gourmet franks, brats, and sausage from the Yumbii food truck team), the recent additions mixed in with older favorites keep the market experience lively, adding to the sense of culinary discovery that defines this historic food hall. We like to take our time, starting with a latte in hand from Café Campesino, walking around to admire the new improvements, including shiny chromed-out patio tables and chairs. Next we might sample pickles over at the Jamaican Hots table, ogle the candy and popcorn gift bags at Miss D's New Orleans Pralines, pick out a Key lime tart from the Sweet Auburn Bakery case, or watch food processing magic at Rawesome Juicery.