Downtown Atlanta seeks community input for shaping future

January 23,2017

Source: Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

Downtown Atlanta means business. In more ways than one.

For decades, downtown has reigned as the center for commerce in Atlanta. While Midtown has grown by leaps and bounds, adding tens of thousands of residents, downtown has remained relatively business-driven.

But as Midtown trends toward critical mass, rising prices and the promise of new attractions (and residents) downtown are beginning to shift the focus of Atlanta’s oldest neighborhood. Now, Central Atlanta Progress is putting together a master plan for downtown in order to shape the growth that’s already happening, and they’re asking for your opinion.

The CAP survey asks what Atlantans would like to see for downtown in the way of development; from condos, to retail, to office, and even park space. Land-use patterns and infrastructure improvements through the next 15 years will be based on decisions outlined in the plan.

So it’s kind of a big deal.

Another major component of the questions focuses on transportation options and how people move around downtown. As one of the most bikable, walkable, and transit-accessible districts in the city, downtown has a framework in place to build from.

One survey question delves into the longstanding and contentious question about a possible casino in downtown. While the issue has been quashed before, it’s likely it will come back with a vengeance this legislative session.

Ultimately, the Master Plan, when finished, will be “the primary vision-setting and policy-directing strategy to lead the ongoing evolution of Downtown Atlanta for the next fifteen years,” according to CAP. Again, that sounds pretty important.

The survey will be open until the end of the month.