Flux Projects Announces FLUX 2012 Projects

June 27,2012

Flux Projects is proud to announce its selection of projects for FLUX 2012, which will return to the Castleberry Hill Arts District on Saturday, October 6, 8:00 p.m. until midnight.  Fourteen projects engaging eighty artists have been selected.

These diverse works include multimedia installations, projections, dance, performance, sound and light installations, and a parade.  Participating artists will receive commissions ranging from $1,000 to $10,000, as well as logistical support.
In its third year, FLUX will continue to immerse attendees in the diversity of Atlanta’s creative culture while introducing artists from around the country to our city.  Two noticeable changes will be the focus on fewer, larger projects and the expansion of audience amenities.  Attendees can expect more food trucks, beer carts, shuttles to MARTA and off-site parking, improved way finding, and services for those with special needs. 

The projects were selected based on a Call for Proposals announced in December 2011, with proposals due February 29, 2012. The final projects were selected from 238 submissions.  The selection committee consisted of Flux Projects’ executive director Anne Dennington and board members Susan Bridges, Kristen Cahill, Nick Corsello, Louis Corrigan, Amy Miller, and Marcia Wood.   

Flux Projects is grateful to have the early sponsorship of the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs, Turner Broadcasting, Inc., Creative Loafing, the LUBO Fund, Proper Medium, Room & Board, Sunbelt Rentals, and the W Atlanta – Downtown.  More details about the event and the following projects will be released in the coming months.

Artists and Projects:
Jacob Abramson & Suzette Guy, Digital Graffiti.   This New York duo has created a custom tablet that allows participants to render multimedia digital art projections in real time.

Aphidoidea [pronounced ey-fid-o- ahy-dee-uh], Sound Cloud Forest. This Los Angeles-based collective consists of Jesus Eduardo (Eddie) Magaña, Andrew Hernandez, Jackie Muñoz, Efren Luna, JJ Paredes, and Paulina Bouyer Magaña. Together they create audience interactive installations that engage the senses.  Sound Cloud Forest will play sounds and colors when touched by the audience.  The more people in the forest, the richer and brighter the melodies will be.
Amber Boardman, Prelude Two.  Boardman, an animator and installation artist with strong ties to Atlanta, now lives and works in Sydney, Australia.  For Prelude Two Boardman animates an altered version of Wagner’s “Die Walküre Prelude,” the second of Wagner’s preludes to be the subject of Boardman’s work.  The installation takes viewers through a small apartment to watch an incoming tsunami. 

The Bridge Club, Loose Snare.  This visual and performance art collaborative consists of artists Annie Strader (Huntsville, TX), Christine Owen (Warren, CT), Emily Bivens (Knoxville, TN) and Julie Wills (Gunnison, CO).  For FLUX 2012 they will create an event-long durational performance that will roam the streets and perform amongst the crowd.

Stefani Byrd + Wes Eastin, TROLL.  This Atlanta-based team regularly uses humor to shed light on serious social issues.  TROLL will highjack a traffic signal to bring funny and snarky messages to the crowd.

Eli Keszler, Anchor Hitch. This Brooklyn-based performer, composer, and installation artist will create a sound installation of architectural scale.

Evereman & Catlanta, Free Art FLUX 2012.  Two of Atlanta’s favorite public artists (along with a few of their friends) will bring their gift economy art projects to FLUX.

gloATL, Act of Devotion. Atlanta-based choreographer Lauri Stallings and composer Daniel Clay collaborate on a dance installation that explores the ritual acts of devotion.  This intense, twenty-one minute performance will recur every thirty minutes throughout the night.

Emily Kempf, Magica.  Best known as the founder and leader of The Back Pockets, Kempf will create a music/performance work that will close FLUX 2012. 

Krewe of the Grateful Gluttons, Jazz Funeral for Snake Nation.  Jazz Funeral for Snake Nation will commemorate the red-light district formerly located in Castleberry Hill and destroyed in 1851.  The project will feature a 40-Saloon-Salute of handcrafted lanterns, a marching band, a snake oil cart, and 100 costumed participants.

Nicole Livieratos, Turn the Page.  After many years Livieratos has dissolved her Atlanta-based GardenHouse Dance company to focus exclusively on her own work.  Turn the Page will be one of her first works since making this shift.  Turn the Page includes six performative installations providing commentary on American’s propensity to persist in repeating patterns of behavior regarding energy consumption. Each is designed as resonant metaphor for our inability to change patterns.

Dorothy O’Connor, Until for now… Atlanta photographer Dorothy O’Connor is known for her photographs of elaborate, fantastical scenes.  For FLUX she will present a tableau vivant with two live models. 

Ben Rollins, This Sacred Life.  Rollins, a masters student at SCAD, pairs his video work with Sacred Harp singing.  Rollins’s work will combine archival footage with old home movies. 

David Yu, Small Meteorites.  Yu is a Canadian multimedia, installation, and performance artist currently working in Toronto.  Small Meteorites will explore what happens when the casual lives of five small parties collide.