Fulton offers free MARTA rides to county workers after I-85 collapse

April 4,2017

Source: Arielle Kass, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

In an effort to keep cars off the road in the aftermath of the collapse of a portion of I-85, Fulton County plans to fully subsidize MARTA and GRTA rides for county employees for two months, until the road is repaired.

The Georgia Department of Transportation announced Tuesday that it expected I-85 to reopen June 15. A section of the interstate has been closed since a massive Thursday evening fire destroyed part of the highway.

The Georgia Department of Transportation said demolition work at the site is about 80 percent complete.

Fulton County also will allow more flexible work time and has created remote workspaces for employees. In addition, MARTA passes will be made available to jurors who must come downtown.

“We’re doing our part to try to keep people off the roads, and we hope other large employers and service organizations will follow our example,” said Commissioner Liz Hausmann, who represents part of North Fulton. “I hope members of our community who have never used MARTA or GRTA take advantage of that.”

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