Support Georgia Commuter Rail

August 10,2011

The Georgia Commuter Rail from Atlanta to Macon — the quickest, most economical option for new rail transit in Georgia — needs your support now. As a community leader and supporter of this project, we have chosen you to help rally support at this critical time.

Members of the Regional Roundtable Executive Committee are compiling a list of transportation projects that would be funded by a one-cent sales tax if the transportation referendum is passed in July 2012.

The final Executive Committee meeting to develop the list of recommended transportation projects is scheduled for this Thursday, August 11. It is crucial that supporters make a stand before this meeting.

To do your part, ask your contacts to send a letter of support to the Regional Roundtable Committee Members. They can do so electronically, by clicking here. This support letter must be sent to the Roundtable no later than 9 a.m. tomorrow.