Get your pie fix at this downtown Atlanta pie shop

April 12,2019

Liza Lucas, Matthew Pearl - At the Table ATL (11Alive)

There’s a sweet spot in Sweet Auburn just for food lovers. The Curb Market caters to an array of taste buds with multiple cuisines, and tucked just inside the market’s doors, you’ll find a nod to South Africa at Panbury’s.

The gourmet pie shop was the vision of Adam Panayiotou and his partner Lauren Duxbury (get it? Pan-bury.) Both are from South Africa and upon meeting, discovered a shared love of the kitchen and their country's comfort food. 

In 2014, the duo opened Panbury’s, offering Atlanta a taste of South Africa via hand-held, double crust pies.

“How does this dish represent South Africa?”

“They don't really do the hot dogs over there,” Panayiotou told At the Table ATL. “They'd rather dig into a really hearty pie.”

For the signature Panbury’s experience, Panayiotou recommends the steak and stout pie, and for those with an appetite, a sausage roll on the side.

“It's's portable. Aside from that, it's just stressing really great ingredients."

Described as a "pot pie on the go," flavors include chicken and mushroom, pepper steak and apple pie, and are available to be shipped across the U.S.

“How does this dish represent Atlanta?”

Since inception, the tradition of South African hand-held pies has become a staple at Curb Market. 

“It’s just a melting pot of all these flavors,” Panayiotou said of the shop’s location. “You do a loop around the building and you eat Venezuelan food, BBQ. You've got burgers you've got Vietnamese food. A lot of really great flavors all in one place."

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