GSU Law School Ranked Best Value in the US

September 30,2010


preLaw magazine, a sister publication of The National Jurist, crunched the numbers to identify the best value law schools. This year’s list has 60 Best Value schools, with each assigned a letter grade of A, A-, B+ or B. The schools that received an ‘A’, are also ranked — with Georgia State at the top.

The top Best Value Law School on our list for 2010 is at Georgia State University College of Law, which had ranked fourth last year. Second is          Brigham Young University’s J. Reuben Clark Law School, that had also ranked second last year; and third is the University of Louisville’s Louis D. Brandeis School of Law. Most schools in the Top 20 are located in the Midwest and Southeast with some in the Southwest.

2010 Best Value Law Schools: The Top 20

1 Georgia State University
2 Brigham Young University , UT
3 University of Louisville
4 University of Nebraska--Lincoln
5 University of Kansas
6 University of New Mexico
7 University of Mississippi
8 Florida State University
9 University of Memphis
10 Florida International
11 University of Tennessee
12 University of South Carolina
13 Northern Illinois University
14 University of Kentucky
15 University of Georgia
16 University of Alabama
17 Texas Tech University
18 Louisiana State University
19 University of North Dakota
20 University of Florida