GSU Students Will Register for Classes with iPads

June 15,2011

For the first time ever at Georgia State University, students attending Incept: New Student Orientation will register for classes on Apple iPads.

In an effort to make class registration quicker and easier for students, the university has formatted 200 of the portable devices for the freshman class to use when they attend Incept Orientations starting June 14.

"Using iPads for registration provides an aspect that no other school does. It's truly a unique and contemporary way for students to register for classes and it's cutting edge when it comes to new student orientation," said Matthew Robison, Georgia State's assistant dean of students. "Computers are so ingrained in the daily live of our students, and using iPads helps meet our students ever increasing demands of technology."

Besides touring the campus, meeting classmates, and learning about various departments and programs at orientation, nearly half of the freshman class, or about 1,500 students, will use the iPads to register for their first semester of classes. The other half are expected to register for GSU Freshman Learning Communities, through which students are automatically enrolled for courses by the university based on a common theme.