Huge redevelopment shows how Atlanta is rediscovering its downtown

July 13,2017

Source: Douglas Sams, Atlanta Business Chronicle

Atlanta is rediscovering its historic downtown.

That's what a German-based real estate company realized as its executives toured the city, hoping to find an opportunity to launch a new development in the United States.

South Downtown immediately stood out.

Jake Nawrocki, president of the Newport US RE, said they thought it was too good to be true. Katharine Kelley, a vice president, said, "We feel we’ve come up with the largest piece of commercial historic fabric left in the city."

In a new interview with Atlanta Business Chronicle, Newport offers more details about its plans for South Downtown, including the scope and timing of the project. Read more about that in Friday's edition. Newport also released new images to the Chronicle, showing how it would reclaim South Downtown's brick, stone and terracotta buildings that once formed a thriving garment district, an eclectic collection of stores and shops — the city's true commercial beginnings.