Information on Senate Resolution 821 Multi-year Construction Agreements

July 15,2010

What is Senate Resolution 821?
Senate Resolution (SR) 821 amends the Georgia Constitution and allows the Department of Transportation to enter into multiyear construction  agreements. Currently, Georgia DOT is required to have all the funds when a multiyear project contract is signed. SR 821 would allow Georgia DOT to pay for the project as it is being constructed. For example, if $3 million of a $10 million project is spent in the first year of the contract; then the remaining $7 million could be used that year on another project. Motor fuel revenues in following years would be used to pay project costs in those years when the costs are actually incurred. It is the same concept of installment payments that we use in our daily lives. You can find more information at

What does a “yes” vote mean for Georgia?
• Georgia DOT will have the flexibility to only pay for the amount of work done in a given year;
• Increase the number of necessary projects that can be done in a given year;
• More Georgians will be put to work with the additional projects; and
• Help maintain Georgia’s high-quality road system and improve it where needed.

What does a “no” vote mean for Georgia?
• Georgia DOT will be limited in the number and size of projects done each year, due to limited revenues;
• It will restrict the Department’s ability to address much-needed, backlogged transportation projects;
• Commute times may get longer as traffic increases;
• Restricts the construction of new roads for economic development;
• Major maintenance projects will be delayed; and
• Our ability to help create jobs will be diminished.

How will the SR 821 ballot read?
Shall the constitution of Georgia be amended so as to allow the Georgia Department of Transportation to enter into multiyear construction agreements without requiring appropriations in the current fiscal year for the total amount of payments that would be due under the entire agreement so as to reduce long-term construction costs paid by the state?”

How do you vote?
1. Absentee (by mail): An absentee ballot can be requested as early as 180 days before an election. Absentee ballots must be received by the county board of registrar’s office by 7:00 p.m. on Election Day.
2. Early (in person): Find a county Board of Registrar’s Office at
3. At your polling place November 2: Find a voting site by visiting

For more information on SR 821, go to

This information was prepared by the Georgia Department of Transportation solely for educational purposes.