Introducing the Mural Bike Rack Project

June 10,2016

This past month the Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs - Public Art Services (OCA/PAS) announced a new Mural Bike Rack project. Through a partnership with the Department of Public Works, Department of Planning, and Chief Bicycle Officer Becky Katz, the OCA/PAS will commission 18 permanent bike-shaped bike racks to be painted by local professional visual artists and then be installed for public use within the city limits during October 2016. The goal of the Mural Bike Rack project is to supplement the City of Atlanta’s biking infrastructure, and promote the use of bicycle transportation by creating symbolic and functional pieces of public art. The Mural Bike Rack project will:

  • Provide more parking for the increasing number of people who choose bicycling as a form of transportation in the City of Atlanta. 
  • Further encourage and promote the use of biking as transportation. 
  • Enhance Atlanta’s image as a bike and community arts friendly city. 
  • Engage and promote the work of regional and local painters and mural artists. 

Encourage creative place-making through public art by creating aesthetic objects that symbolize the City of Atlanta’s creativity and livability.